Safety and Hygiene


In order to protect all the guests from common virus and bacteria, E Cube Club applies the following anti-virus treatment regularly:

  1. Shang Nano Airborne Anti-Bacterial Diffuser to eliminate airborne bacteria in the atmosphere

For the details about Shang, please visit:

  1. FluEnd long-term anti-bacteria and anti-virus treatment to kill common virus and bacteria on the play equipment surfaces

For the details about FLU END, please visit:

  1. Ball cleaning machine to clean and sterilize the plastic balls inside the ball pool


Our cleaning staff cleans the playground regularly before and during the opening hours.

Guests temperature measurement and hand cleaning

In order to lower the chance of spreading virus, hand sanitizer and body temperature meter are available for customer usage in all branches of E3 Club.

Facilities Safety

Most of the play facilities in the playground were provided by the suppliers which passed the EU safety standard. They are regularly inspected and maintained by professional technicians.

Fire Safety and Security

Auto-sprinkling systems, fire extinguisher, smoke detector and CCTV have been installed inside the playground.


First-aid box is available inside the playground. Please ask our front desk staff for assistance.


Customer can use the restroom and nursery room in the mall if needed.